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At Kian ProActive health club we teach you how to elevate your movement and unleash your potential. Our mission is to enhance your quality of life by fostering increased strength, optimising cardiovascular health, and promoting greater joint flexibility

What makes us different?

Kian ProActive is not just a fitness studio; it's the realisation of a vision crafted by our founder, Mohammad. After years of dedicated training and observing the fitness industry, Mohammad envisioned a space that defied convention and truly put you at the centre.

Our trainers at Kian ProActive will consider your lifestyle, your unique injury history, and your aspirations. We will provide you with a true transformation that is acquiring a tailor-made approach. Fitness and nutrition plans couldn't be one-size-fits-all; we designed around you.

Our team of highly educated and experienced trainers, with diverse backgrounds spanning Sports Science, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science, is constantly evolving to offer you their very best.

Ready to get started on this incredible journey? Contact Kian ProActive today, and let's become the best version of yourself.

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